Tuesday, November 4, 2008

British War Blogger Analyzes L'Affaire Meo

The hopper still holds that promised L'Affaire Meo post - the one that was interrupted by HOA kapos demanding that I remove my McCain yard signs (being near-penniless and therefore ill-equipped to slug it out in court to defend my First Amendment guarantees, I removed the signs from the yard, but placed them in the window). Seeings how today will decide my country's future, though, I am too preoccupied with affairs of state to be able to write with clarity my thoughts on L'Affaire Meo.

In the meantime, though, I direct your attention across the pond to the work of British blogger Daniel Bennett, who studies the impact of blogging and new media on the BBC's coverage of war and terrorism. Daniel is based at the BBC and at the War Studies Department at King's College, London. He has posted this thoughtful analysis of L'Affaire Meo on the British war blog, From the Frontline. Check it out. It's well worth the click.

And now... I'm off to cast my vote for my one and only John McCain.

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