Monday, February 22, 2010

About That Ft. McClellan Gas Chamber...The Medics Were On Standby

A reader writes:

What did they use in the gas chamber? They told us it was CS, but CS gives off a cloud. The gas in the chamber was invisible. - Former WAC

Good recall, Former WAC.

When the Womens Army Corps sent me into the gas chamber in 1976, the medics were stationed outside the building, primed for action. They asked everyone ahead of time: "Do you have a heart condition?" Afterwards, women stumbled out of the chamber coughing ferociously and sobbing in fear. The medics ignored them. The DIs told the WACs just to "walk it off" around the track, with instructions to swing their arms to help clear out their lungs.

What, then, were the medics looking for?

What type of gas was disbursed in the chamber?

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Karlie Sue said...

I would like to know as well.