Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Birthday Nod to Mark the Motivator!

Back in the days before my kids had cars, and I was a 7 days/week Gym Mom, Barn Mom, Cheerleader Mom and Power Tumbling Mom, I used to spend a lot of time on The Balcony, waiting for practice to end and chatting with other sports parents. One of my favorite fellow gymnastics families was the Tribus clan, whose boys are probably so big by now I would not recognize them. Their dad, Mark, was an Army officer who had an amazing knack for inspiring the kids at the gym to keep going; keep trying; keep striving.

It now comes as no shock to learn that Mark, who retired from the Army, is at the helm of his own leadership development / inspiration outfit. The Tribus clan picked a nice warm climate from whence to base this endeavor, which goes to prove how smart they all are.

Today is Mark's birthday. I won't send cake - he might think it too caloric - but I'll post this vid from one of his bootcamps. Watch what happens towards the middle of the session. Oh, yeah... Go Army! Beat Navy! I mean... You can do it, everyone!


Cow Girl said...

Hey this is cool!

BillT said...

I've seen that happen before, during the several BCT cycles I pushed. Everybody *wants* the anchor man to succeed: "We started this together, and we'll get through it together." That's one of the signs that clues the cadre that the trainees've formed the team mentality and they're ready to begin functioning as soldiers.

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Mark!