Monday, November 19, 2012

Decompressing With the Council of Elders: Of UFOs and Bungee Jumps

Goodness. This has been quite a week+, wherein many a flower pot was placed on the balcony, and much Gatorade was consumed. If you wish to know what I was doing, I encourage you to look at the current edition of People magazine pictured below, and to be on the lookout for the forthcoming issue. Meanwhile...

We had a ready means of escape.
The intensities of the past 10 days put me in the mood to decompress this past weekend. Thankfully, I had willing co-decompressors in the form of some truly awesome milblog buddies, AKA the Council of Elders. On Sunday, members trekked in from points afar, on short notice, to convene at a familiar waterside haunt.

So there I was. The lone female amid Instapinch, Taco, Long Tab Sig O, Chadwick, and my BFF Concrete Bob

What did we talk about?

Well, after we phone-harassed Uncle Jimbo for being absent, we got down to Serious Bidness. Here is a sampling.

Two of our number - Instapinch and Taco - are from the aviation community, and have spent long hours traipsing the Great Beyond. It so happens that in recent weeks, Mistah Concrete spotted a UFO in the skies over Virginia. Naturally, he asked Pinch and Taco for their input on such matters. The convo proceeded thusly...

Bob: So... when you guys were flying... did you ever... SEE anything?
Long Tab: [gets really, really wide-eyed, awaiting responses]
Chadwick: [raises eyebrow]
Taco and Pinch: [simultaneously] Nah.
Me: That's what they have to say, Bob. You know that.
Bob: They were flying IFR. Cockpit was blacked-out. How could they see anything?

At which point, more booze-a-hol arrived, and the convo continued. And eventually progressed outside, to the top of a waterfall, where Taco was reminded of his New Zealand bungee-jumping expedition, and more hilarity ensued. 

It was a great way to decompress. Thanks, guys! You rock.


El jefe said...

Next time you get together let me know and I am flying out to join you! lol

Bloviating Zeppelin said...


I don't believe in UFOs.

Even though my Dad was assigned to Roswell, NM in 1947. And refused, mostly, to talk about his time in the US Air Farce.

Retired a full bird Colonel.

Asked to step up to General, decided not to. Subsumed with family.

Nah. UFOs?



Anonymous said...

First zombies, and now aliens?! I'm gonna need more ammo...

Susan Katz Keating said...

BZ, I would love to have heard your Dad tell stories of his time at Roswell.