Monday, January 28, 2013

Hillary on Benghazi, McFarlane on Iran-Contra: A Tale of Two Outbursts

It's been a couple days since SecState Clinton testified before Congress on L'affaire Benghazi, but I still can't clear my head of her clenching her fists and pounding the table in response to questioning. You know what I'm talking about: Her "what difference does it make?" moment. It reminds me of a hearing I covered some years ago for The Washington Times. Another witness was on the hot seat. He, too, had an outburst. I'll post an excerpt from the transcript, but this clip from the Iran-Contra hearings is much more informative. Watch what happens when  Sen. Warren Rudman triggers former National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane to talk about.... terrorism.

It is more than passing strange to me that we cannot aspire to a policy which is more effective to deal with terrorism. Now, it is undeniable that some countries are good at it and they are good because terrorists know that whenever they commit terrorism against Israel, something, somehow, somewhere is going to happen. Now, it may not always be arms. It may not be pre-emptive attack. It may be negotiation. It may be bribing, but you can be goddammed sure if any Israeli is caught, he's going to have his government going after people who did it. 


Casey said...

Susan, that blows me away. How did you find that clip. Maybe I shouldn't ask. If anyone can dig things up, it's you.

Chef Mojo said...

Nice study in contrasts.