Friday, January 25, 2013

Win a Copy of Guy Saville's The Afrika Reich, Where Nazis Prevail in Alternative History

Want to be thrilled? Creeped out? And rewarded for your cleverness? First: Consider the following scenario. 

Africa, 1952. More than a decade has passed since Britain's humiliation at Dunkirk brought an end to the war and the beginning of an uneasy peace with Hitler.

The swastika flies from the Sahara to the Indian Ocean. Britain and a victorious Nazi Germany have divided the continent. The SS has crushed the native populations and forced them into labor. Gleaming autobahns bisect the jungle, jet fighters patrol the skies. For almost a decade an uneasy peace has ensued.

Now, however, the plans of Walter Hochburg, messianic racist and architect of Nazi Africa, threaten Britain's ailing colonies.

Sent to curb his ambitions is Burton Cole, a one-time assassin torn between the woman he loves and settling an old score with Hochburg. If he fails, unimaginable horrors will be unleashed on the continent. No one -- black or white -- will be spared.

But when his mission turns to disaster, Burton must flee for his life.

It is a flight that will take him from the unholy ground of Kongo to SS slave camps to war-torn Angola -- and finally a conspiracy that leads to the dark heart of The Afrika Reich itself.

Okay, that much comes from the press release. Now it's me again, SKK. The good folks at Henry Holt publishing have offered to send a free book to one of my clever blog readers (see; they love you as much as I do!). It won't be a random drawing, though. It will be a competition in which you must tap into your personal HUMINT and OSINT (you're used to that, right?). The challenge commences Monday. I'm not giving hints, so you can forget about emailing me with bribes. But you might want to brush up on your World War II. 


Michael said...

{rubbing hands together} This will be fun!

Anthony said...

No bribing? Oh hell no. Not fair!

OldAFSarge said...

Ooooh. Dubya-dubya Deuce, the Big One. I'm looking forward to this!

(Though I echo Anthony's sentiments vis a vis the "no bribing" diktat.)

El jefe said...

I'm ready. Hit me up, SKK.