Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In Which Old Mossback Clicks Off the Remote, and Opens a Book: The Afrika Reich

I am happy to report that the Old Mossback has followed my advice, turned off the T.V., and read a book. All the better that the book is one we featured here in January. And he even wrote a review! Herewith the missive just in from The Mossy One:

So There I Was...

It was around noon when I was finally awake. According to my TV Guide, the newest reality series, the Evil Clowns Restaurant/Repo/Bail/Pawn Shop/Bond Show marathon was not set to start for several hours. So I decided to go on line and see what was going on.

SKK had posted my latest blog. I noticed it had been edited. I also saw that SKK happened to be on line when I was, and so we had a chat. Here is just part of it:
SKK: Look. We all know that when an alien/monster/Big Foot or whatever enters the story, it wants to be your friend or eat you as it attempts to take over the world. It does not (deleted) or (deleted) its victims, and then have a smoke at the end of the story. That was just creepy. What were you thinking?

OMB: I wanted to expand my horizons.

SKK:  Give the readers what they want. Polly Grief, Zombies, and The D-Team. Every time you leave the reservation, it is a train wreck.

OMB: How about a book review?

SKK:  I am listening.

OMB: I just finished reading, "The Afrika Reich,"  by Guy Saville. How about a review? 

SKK:  Write it up and I will read it. Deal?

OMB: We have a deal.

SKK:  One last thing. There is no reality in reality television. Got it?

OMB: It is fake?

SKK:  Oh, please. Bye for now.

Old Mossback's Review of Guy Saville's The Afrika Reich
Alternative history among fans of historical fiction has two camps: those who love alternative history, and those who hate it. There does not appear to be a middle ground. For those who are not familiar with alternative history, below are listed some recently released story lines - and in hard cover, no less:
1)  What would have happened if the Army of Northern Virginia under the command of R.E. Lee was armed with AK-47's?

2)  How would WW2 have ended if lizard-like aliens invaded the world back in 1943?

3)  The Army of the Potomac was destroyed at Gettysburg, and Lee is conducting a siege to the city of Washington.  
In The Afrika Reich by Guy Saville, the author has taken a new twist to a old theme of w"hat if Germany won WW2." The story this time is set in Africa under German rule. This is rare, as most if not all alternative WW2 fiction is set in North America or EU. Without running the risk of being a spoiler, I will say this much. The fans of alternative history fiction are in for a treat if they decide to read this book. I highly recommend it.


El jefe said...

Nice chat betwwen you 2 lol

Mark said...

What do you mean there is no reality in reality telvision?????

Next your going to tell me wrestling is fake or the easter bunny is not going to leave me a milk chocolate likeness of himself.

The book sounds intresting, may have to try it.

Old Mossback said...

Just for the record the following books I referenced in the blog.

The Army of Northern Virgina armed with AK-47's...."Guns of the South" by Turtledove

Aliens invade the earth during WW2...."World at War" series by Turltedove

Gettysburg a confederate victory..."Grant Moves East"....Newt Gingrich

As I wrote before alternative history can he interesting.

Another Navy Guy said...

I will admit to indulging from time to time. I will get a copy of this book. It looks interesting.