Wednesday, May 1, 2013

From the Keyboard of Allen West: "Enough! The Obama Administration is Abetting the Enemy"

In the words of one my heroes, Col. Allen West:

What kind of country have we become when we allow Islamic organizations with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood to ruin the career of an Army officer with 6 combat deployments, decorated for Valor? The fact that these groups went to now CIA Director John Brennan with their complaint when he was our counter-terrorism adviser warrants investigation. 

We are giving domestic Islamic jihadists welfare. We cease interrogations of domestic Islamic jihadists to read them Miranda rights. We are calling treasonous domestic Islamic jihadists perpetrators of "workplace violence." The Attorney General is lecturing Americans about reprisals. Enough! I believe this Obama administration is indeed aiding, enabling, and abetting our enemy, radical Islamic jihadists. 

The evidence is certainly mounting and I am sick of the progressive socialists who just want to excuse this away and try to silence us as "Islamophobes." You progressives are all complicit in this as well! I want Lt. Col. Dooley back on the list for consideration of Battalion Command, anyone not agreeing is in the camp of the enemy. Read and share this article. Call and write the Secretary of the Army, Chief of Staff of the Army, Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and President Obama…ask them whose doggone side are they on?

SKK, again: Damn, I love this guy.

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Grumpy said...


I have done a little more research into this situation, there are some additional things to consider. On this issue covered by Col. Allen West, I think it would have been best if he stayed silent. There is a time to speak and time to shut up, this was the latter of the two. About LT. COL. Dooley, there is still a way through this mess. First of all, he is walking very slowly and with legal counsel. It appears as if he is working his way up the "Chain of Command", all the way up to the top, Obama. Then, he can take the case to a "Military Court of Law". The "Military Court of Law" can require the members of the "Chain of Command" to issue a document which must be authorized by the President and I believe signed by him, which states the "Reasons and Basis" for their decisions. Then he can take that document with his legal counsel and goes through the Federal Court System, all the way to the Supreme Court. It is at this point, they can overturn the order. It must be based on the US Constitution and claim that do order is "unlawful". We need to understand that this is not a move to be taken lightly. For all intents and purposes, it will probably mean the end of his career with no more promotions. From what I understand, he has already begun the process. There are no guarantees, but I wish him the very best.