Monday, July 22, 2013

Did Valerie Jarrett Issue the Stand-Down Order for Benghazi Rescue Effort?

Military Commander Jarrett?
Did Presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett call off a military mission to assist the embattled U.S. station at Benghazi?

As I mentioned earlier, I met last week with sources on Benghazi. I reported that one source, codenamed Alpha, told me that when the U.S mission to Benghazi came under attack last September, a response team swung into action, but was told to stand down. Alpha told me the stand-down came from a civilian source.

A couple folks have pointed out that Greg Hicks, the former Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya, said that the stand-down order came from AFRICOM or SOCAFRICA. How, then, could the order originate from both military and civilian command? The way Presidential orders always do. They get handed down the chain. This civilian-to-military path is consistent with what I got from my source. "Alpha" told me to seize the message-delivery link, and work backwards.

"Check the chain of command," Alpha said. "Trace it up to the top. Proceed from there."

I've spent the past few days proceeding. 

Here's what I've got.

Sources with first hand knowledge of events surrounding 11 September 2012 insist:

"The President was not the one giving orders that night." Continues the source: "He wasn't even there."

Who, then, was in charge?

One source insists that Jarrett took command. Jarrett undeniably has power in the White House. Some observers even cast her as the "real" President of the United States. But she is not the President. Furthermore, she has no background in military operations, national security, nor international relations. She has neither the authority nor the expertise to order a military unit to do anything, let alone abort what is essentially a combat operation.

According to the Constitution and other national documents that for now are technically still in effect, we should be able to learn who gave that order - and what must be done with the information.


Carabas said...

You have good SA, right? Security? Remember Michael Hastings.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that would be unbelievable. Obama would be impeached over this, right? More lies, upon lies, upon lies! He wasn't even there? Valerie Jarrett would be indicted, I'd think. In any event, both would be gone, Hillary would be damaged significantly and other heads would roll.

Susan Katz Keating said...

A previous president would be, perhaps. But this is Obama & Co. Different set of rules.

Richard said...

Unbelievable and yes, please take note of the Hastings warning. That was a clear case of assassination. Jarrett is extremely powerful and controls all access to Obama. She is arguably a despicable and likes to get vengeance against and slights real or imagined. So, be very careful. This adminstration makes up their own rules and the Constitution has no sway or power anymore. It really is a dangerous time to be reporting the news if it casts them in a bad light. That said I am proud of you and keep at it.

Mark said...

Chicago politics. It would not surprise me if VJ was making decisions. I guess the now there are different people in the NCA. She is a civilian so it counts right?

Grumpy said...

Susan, "But this is Obama & Co. Different set of rules." WRONG, we are still working the same old US Constitution. Therefore, he is sworn by "Oath" and any "Executive Orders" are to be equally Constitutional is he violating it like his predecessors? To talk about the power of this woman, means nothing. The important thing to remember is not the power, but in how you use it. There is a person who has the power and the responsibility, but is also impeachable. I would like to see that person equally examined. But we can't start with him because actions of his predecessors suggests the behavior is Constitutional. If you are going to search and find the solution, it will come from both parties. I don't discuss politics, I am neither Republican or Democrat, I have always voted as an independent. Just a thought for you, there is much more to this puzzle than we can ever describe. Each of you have made choices, now, be ready to have them challenged, not by me, but by the whole truth.

Grumpy said...

Susan, yes, this woman has power, but not that kind of power. This secret about power is it, is not just to have it, but how you use it. I knew people were in Langley, they had the power be there. There were also people in the same building that had no authority under law to be there and this was during 9/11. I received a telephone call on that day asking why this particular person within the building. The only reason was a certain person in the White House supposedly authorized to visit. I could not believe they were calling me about such a matter, he should have been removed with force. One of our team with the former IG. Later, it was explained to me, this way, there are certain portions of government where politics is forbidden and the Intelligence Community is such a place. Yes, The Intelligence Community is a part of the Executive Branch of our Constitutional Government, but it was never to become political. The Intelligence Community writes an "Intelligence Document called, The National Intelligence Estimate". As long as they are writing that document, it never becomes political. Then, one day, it is presented to The President of The United States, from the point on it being no longer an Intelligence Document, it is now a Policy Document or Political. It is this ritual of transfer that makes it possible and legal for politicians to now deal with this document.