Monday, July 15, 2013

Will Costantini Retires From the Marine Corps, Episode 2: Photographic Evidence!

I have been scouring the files for pics of Col. Will Costantini during his 28 years as a Marine. I have found scant few. It figures. Even the Assistant Commandant, Gen. Paxton, said he had a tough time finding photos of the camera-avoidant Will. I did a deep web search, and came up with a couple I thought might be he. Like the image, below. The guy standing at left in the main grouping looks a whole lot like our Colonel Costantini. I couldn't entirely be sure, though. 

Yes? No? Hmmmm....

I do, however, have pics from Will's retirement ceremony and after-party. He even is in a couple! Such as, in this lineup of Will and some of his office mates:

That's Gen. Paxton, the Assistant Commandant, to Will's immediate right.
 I also have pics of the guests and the ceremonial food - which was really yummy, by the way...

Pretty, too.  I'm told the bananas were a hit.

So, too, were the desserts.

This cupcake from Confections was almost too cute to eat!

We guests were grateful to be included in the celebration - so much so, that we wanted mementos. Someone in our party may even have swiped some napkins from the 8th & I head. Maybe.
It's so fancy!

Mainly, though, we just enjoyed the day.

I know it seems like I'm fixated on the food, but it was good!
Will and Carrie liked it, too!

The Bloody Marys weren't bad, either. Sherri, Carrie, and Wendy and I all indulged.

We enjoyed one another's company, but we also made sure to socialize outside of our "Corps" circle of friends...

Chad and I ran into more of Will's office mates.
That's Marine Commandant Gen. Amos
to my left, and Gen. Paxton to my right.

After the reception, Will and Carrie and the kids decamped for a family gathering. The rest of us (me, my BFF Concrete Bob, Chad, Pinch, my dear friend The Baroness, the irrepressible triumverate of Sherri Kirk, Jean, and Wendy, plus the adorable Mrs. P, and Others In Our Party) continued the adventure. This included lunch at the legendary Globe & Laurel restaurant and a visit to the Marine Corps Museum. 

At day's end, we convened at Will and Carrie's house and commandeered the deck until... well, I don't remember what time. All I know is, Courtney greeted me at home with, "Wow! You've never been out this late!"

It was a fabulous day in celebration of a great Marine and his amazing wife Carrie. Together and individually, they are a class act.

Thank you to Will for your years of service and dedication to our country, and to Carrie for rolling up your sleeves and caring so much about our Marines and uniformed service members. Carrie, you truly do embody the gift you received from Gen. Paxton: You are a light, glowing constantly and leading the way. Here's sending both of you every good wish for the future.

And I still think I found some pics of Will. That's him at Quantico. Or Egypt. Or, um, Combat Town. Right?


Anonymous said...

Oorah, baby. Thanks so much for coming and being a part of the day.

Susan Katz Keating said...

Carrie, I was thrilled to be included! Oorhahrahrahrah!!!! xoxox

Sherri said...

I was so excited to see everybody! Can't wait to see you all again, every time we're together there are so many laughs and awesome new memories!

Zero Ponsdorf said...

I rather doubt that top pix has will in it. However, the thread is certainly valid.

Marine Guy said...

I think SKK was joking with that, Zero. The rest of the pictures are a great glimpse into the day. Wish I could have been there.

Minicapt said...

It's a deeper truth: that not all troops had left Vietnam by 1973, and that small unit WW2 re-enactment operations flourished in the later 80s.


Susan Katz Keating said...

And MiniCapt takes over on Campfire Duty!