Sunday, September 1, 2013

In Which Cooking With the Troops Prepares to Meet Warrior Hikers in Maine

Earlier this summer, Cooking With the Troops marshaled the BBQ and hooked up with some veterans who are "walking off the war" along the Appalachian Trail. 

The veterans, who are making the trek via Warrior Hike, are walking the entire trail, from Georgia to Maine. If you haven't heard about the group, please check out their page and learn the good things they do to help our veterans decompress from deployment.

The current group is almost at goal. A couple days ago, the intrepid Warrior Hikers traversed the stunningly beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. 

Cooking With the Troops loves these hikers so much, we plan to meet them again at trail's end. We're going to help them celebrate their completed hike by feeding them another dose of Concrete Bob's to-die-for BBQ sauce, along with all the fixin's. 

I'll have updates on the hikers' (and CWT's) progress, but meanwhile, wanted to show you all this lovely scene from New Hampshire.

What a fabulous waterfall. If I'd been there to snap this pic in person, I would have wanted to build my little tree fort right there, and settle in.

Thank you, Warrior Hike, for the okay to use your pics! See you soon!

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Minicapt said...

Can you really get to Maine from there? Like on a road?